About Aetos Design & Engineering
Aetos Design & Engineering's Practice ensures that your product be it a state-of-the-art passenger aircraft, or a car that stands extreme conditions, or an ordinary piece of machinery used in daily life reaches the market faster, swifter & better. It is all about ensuring that you have the right technology, the right people and the processes that will get the job done right the first time. After all, being first in the market is what gets success.

At Aetos, we have the technology and proven expertise in the areas you need to accomplish just that. We can boast of over three decades of experience with leading world-class organizations in segments ranging from aerospace to dish washers. In effect, our Engineering team has over 60-years of cumulative engineering experience.

With a engineer support base that consists of a mix of technology whiz kids and highly experienced domain experts, we enable you to launch your products to hit the markets in record time, you can afford to cut your budget, optimize the design and yet expect the best results, regardless of the complexity of design, size or scope.

Our software solutions are the most comprehensive and functional because all our principals are the best in their respective domains, they know what works, and bring their collective knowledge, best practices, and valuable assets to execute each project, with a unique blend of engineering expertise and high-end software skills.